About Us

At Stirling North Primary School we believe the education of your child is the most important aspect of their life outside of their family. We strive to provide the best education we can in our school, and we always endeavour to focus on ways of improving the quality of education for our students.

Students should be exposed to a wide range of experiences both within and beyond the classroom. They need to experience success in a range of activities. They should feel good about themselves and be concerned for the needs of others-to be part of a caring, supportive social group. Students should be encouraged to pursue excellence in whatever they do, and to accept that others may be better at doing some things than they are. The partnership between parents/caregivers and teachers is vital to a child’s success at school. When parents/caregivers and teachers work together, we are able to provide an encouraging, safe, caring, warm and consistent environment which mirrors what happens at home.

If you have any concerns or issues, please contact the school so that an appointment can be made for you to discuss them with the appropriate person.

We look forward to developing a positive relationship with you as parents/caregivers and working together to provide the best quality education that your child can receive.

Our School Values

• Respect  •  Responsibility  •  Resilience

Our Welcome Pack and Facebook Page

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